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Julian Bowron is the Director of Engineering for Z Modular. His encyclopedic knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes and sources is based on 30 years experience as the owner of a well-known high-end architectural fabrication firm. This experience includes work as a skilled craftsman, designer, architectural detailer, director of the parametric modeling team and project leader on both union and non-union construction jobsites from Macau to Saudi Arabia and from New York to Vancouver.

Five Reasons to use Z Modular™ on your next Job


       The Z Modular™ system has numerous unique features that contribute to the highest achievable level of factory completion and the most efficient use of material, making it the best modular construction system available today. Let’s look at five reasons why you should use Z Modular™ for your next construction project

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How to Monetize your building faster with Modular Construction


With current vacancy rates for rental properties around 7%, building owners want tenants to occupy their space in as little time as possible. By working with a modular construction company, building owners have the opportunity to enhance their ROI and begin monetizing faster than ever before.

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How Modular Construction Can Help Reduce Your Risk


As a contractor, you have a lot to worry about – from materials arriving on-time to the job site, to meeting tight, client-driven schedules. Modular construction can help reduce risk in several ways.

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Going Green with Modular Construction


Going Green with Modular Construction

We all care about Mother Earth – and we try to be as environmentally sound as we can be so we can all enjoy her for generations to come. Modular construction has always been a “greener” way to build than traditional construction methods. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways that by choosing modular construction for your next job will be the greenest choice for the environment

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What is Volumetric Construction?

Volumetric modular construction is defined as the stacking and joining of factory-finished modules to form a substantially complete building. Ideally, only bolting and interconnection of building services is required at the site. If you believe (as we do) that manufacturing buildings in a well-organized factory is better than building on a site, then the achievable percentage of off-site completion is a key metric of modular process excellence.

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