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Hospitality is turning to modular to solve their room challenge


Today’s modular construction industry is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Back then, when you’d hear the word “modular” or “pre-fab”, you would tend to think of bland, non-descript buildings that would resemble something you’d see at a construction job site. Those days are long gone – today’s modular buildings are beautiful – even architects are beginning to embrace this safer, quicker to market alternative than traditional stick construction.

In 2015, the amount of available hotel rooms in the U.S. surpassed five million – which still lagged overall demand. To keep up with the demand, developers are looking at the solutions offered by the modular construction industry that they might have ignored several years ago. Since modular is no longer seen as bland, hospitality companies can count on beautiful structures – visitors to the hotel will have no idea they are in a structure that was built “offsite” (nor will they mind).

While costs of traditional construction vs modular construction end up being almost identical, the real game changer for the hospitality industry is time to market. Hotels that are constructed using modular has a reduced schedule by, on average, a third. That means, developers can start making income on their property faster than before. Think of it as early check-in to your room – it’s nice to know that you can check in early with modular construction!

The new challenge for the hospitality industry and modular construction is height. Z Modular has solved that problem with our steel-framed modular construction system. Contact us today to learn why we are The Only Way To Build.

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Why is a Standardized Modular Construction System Needed?

Multiple companies have experimented with modular construction. Typically, these experimental projects are focused on a narrow range of product types; they are top-down, consultant-driven efforts, or they are driven by marketing criteria. Consequently, these systems fail to provide adequate flexibility for designers and they are difficult to execute, both on the shop floor and in the field.

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Five Reasons to use Z Modular™ on your next Job


       The Z Modular™ system has numerous unique features that contribute to the highest achievable level of factory completion and the most efficient use of material, making it the best modular construction system available today. Let’s look at five reasons why you should use Z Modular™ for your next construction project

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How to Monetize your building faster with Modular Construction


With current vacancy rates for rental properties around 7%, building owners want tenants to occupy their space in as little time as possible. By working with a modular construction company, building owners have the opportunity to enhance their ROI and begin monetizing faster than ever before.

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Top Five Reasons to Select a Steel Framed Modular System on Your Next Project

You’ve decided to brace modular construction – the “up and coming” construction method of choice (that of course has been around for years and years). And there are a lot of choices if you use a wood framed system. But what if you went steel instead?  Or maybe you didn’t even realize that you could get a modular building made with a steel frame? There are a lot of inherent benefits when you choose a steel frame for your modular construction needs instead of a wood frame. Let’s look at what the top five advantages a steel framed modular construction system has over a traditional wood frame system.

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